Research Grant
New techniques in Psychological Testing

Deadline: 20 March 2020


1) Eligibility

Proposals to the Research Grants must be for academic research projects that aim to study new techniques in psychological test development. Proposals for activities other than research are not eligible. Additionally, proposals for research studies focused on areas other than the one indicated, are not eligible.
Principal Investigators (PIs) must have an earned doctorate in an academic discipline or professional field.
The PI must be affiliated with a University organization.

2) Restrictions

Proposed budgets for this program are limited to 10,000 euros total and may not include indirect cost charges. Projects proposed may not be longer than 1 year in duration.

Budget and Budget Justification – The budget form is divided into the following categories and each category has a pulldown menu of the line item choices listed in parentheses below:

● Travel (Project Travel, Conference or Dissemination Travel)
● Equipment and Software (Equipment, Software)
● Project Expenses
● Other (This should only be used for expenses not covered in the choices above)

3) Contents of the proposal

The proposal should be sent via email to:
before 20 march 2020

1. Cover sheet
2. Summary of the research plan (1/2 page).Proposal Narrative – You are expected to upload a proposal narrative that includes the following:
– A description of the project, the central research question(s), and the project’s significance.
– A rationale for the project. This includes (a) summary of the relevant literature, the relationship of the proposed research to that literature, and the new knowledge or contribution to the improvement of education expected to result from the proposed research; and (b) a summary of the conceptual framework or theory guiding the project and how the project utilizes or builds on this framework of theory.
– A description of the proposed research methods, description of participants, data collection instruments, and modes of analysis the project will employ. If applicable to the proposed methods, please include (a) information about the proposed sample/case definition and selection procedures; (b) research design, including when appropriate a description of the context of the study; (c) description of key constructs, measures and data sources; (d) procedures for data collection; and (e) procedures for data analysis.
This narrative may not exceed 1800 words and at the conclusion should include the word count in parentheses. Your reference list should follow your narrative in the same pdf file and will not count toward the 1800-word limit.
The text should be double–spaced and in 12-point font. APA style is preferred.
3. Relevance of the project for the Title of the Grant.
4. information regarding the project:
○ For research projects and fellowships: State of the art; State of own research; Research plan with timeline; references
○ Finances:
Requested amount in Euros including a detailed budget.
Available infrastructure, contributions from third parties, proposed plan of payments.
5. General information about the principle investigator (CV).
6. Legal requirements:
Confirmation that the rules and bylaws have been read and accepted;

Date, signature.